There is a story about the name “Da Woody Dude” which evolved out of necessity. I wanted to utilize “The Woody Dude” as that is what my wife calls me, but it wasn’t available for EBay. “Da Woody Dude” was available, and so it has come to be.

This small Woody Collection came about starting in 1999. I bought the 1941 Ford and spent about a year making it into the car it is now.

Because of my affection for original cars, I added the other 4 cars over 14 years. I spent some time working on each to make them exceptional in one way or another. The 1946 Mercury took almost 4 years, but it was worth it to me.

One of my friends in Iowa suggested that I put the Woodies on a site so others could enjoy them, so here they are. The two 1942 cars and the 1946 Mercury are all Concourse Restorations, the 1948 and 1941 are more for the “Hot Rod Guy” in all of us.

For those of you restoring similar cars, the Concourse cars are very good references, the other two are more fun than anything else and are my tie to the surfing culture.

Please enjoy the site for what it is, some neat cars with great history. And as I have always said about Woodies “They just make you smile.”

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